3D Body Scanner

BodyCrafters 3D Body Scanner

A complete 360° body view in 40 seconds.

3D body scanner in Vancouver.

The BC 3D Body Scanner is like a high-tech measuring tape, taking all your body measured quickly and with precision. If you have a fitness/wellness goal, this is the most accurate tool for you. Gauge your body form the starting point of in the process and check the improvements. All results are emailed to you immediately. 

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See how it works

Your Scan data will include

  • Body Shape Rating (BSR)
  • Waist Circumference
  • Waist to Hip Ratio
  • Trunk to Leg Ratio

  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Weight
  • Fat Mass
  • lean Mass

  • Basal Metabolic Rate

  • Body Balance

  • Specific Body Measurements

  • Posture Analysis

3D body scan to check the whole body posture


  • Compared with past results

Price of 3D body scanning

BC 3D without review

  • Basic plan
  • Perfect for clients
  • who are being treated
  • or trained by professionals
  • or booked other plan before

BC 3D with review

  • Professional plan
  • Overall Interpretation
  • With fitness professionals
  • or Naturopathic physicians
  • or Nutritionists

Yearly BC 3D

  • Premium plan
  • 12 scans per year
  • 15 min Complementary consult
  • Non-transferable

(Plus 5% GST)

You should prepare before scan

  • Neck Line must be revealed. All hair must be tied up.
  • Wear minimal clothing. Sports bras and underwear or tight boxers are recommended. If your clothes are not tight, the result is inaccurate. 

How does 3D Body Scanner work?

Weight isn’t the sole indicator: lean mass, body fat levels, and body measurements can all be used to assess your progress. Every seconds it captures hundreds of body measurements which means highly advanced data.  All scan reports could be interpreted by BodyCrafters registered practitioners and personal trainers. This makes it easy for you to get insights about your ideal diet and fitness plan. 

Achieve your fitness, wellness, and apparel goals !

Book your BC 3D body scanner today, or add it on when you visit Body Crafters for your other services.

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