Direct Billing

What is direct billing?

Insurance paperwork is overwhelming. To save your time and focus on our naturopathic doctor’s recommendations, We are offering direct billing to make filing your insurance claims as easy as can be. You don’t need to mess with forms, claims and phone calls. 

Starting with your yearly health checkup to choosing the perfect treatments, IV’s or supplements, we can get in the way of using the benefits your health insurance offers. 

What you need for direct insurance billing

We know how to get the filing done, fast and accurate. Whether you need a prescription, IVs and injections or a general checkup, you won’t have to worry about submitting your claims or following up to make sure everything’s in order. 

We honor Blue Cross, Manulife, Green Shield, Sun Life, ICBC, and many more. Give us a call to confirm if you don’t see your plan on this list.

3 simple steps to use direct insurance billing.

  1. Schedule an appointment.
  2. Bring a photo ID, your insurance card with policy number, and member ID. 
  3. Tell us you’d like us to direct bill your insurance company.
Now it’s time to come on in and use your Naturopathic / Acupunture benefits ! 
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