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Insomnia is prevalent when pregnant?

Yes, 50 to 80 percent of all expectant mothers have symptoms of the insomnia when pregnant.¬†Pregnancy is a beautiful and transformative experience filled with new dimensions of joy and excitement. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, particularly when it comes to getting enough sleeping hours. But, Don’t worry. There are ways to ease the insomina with taking care of your baby safe.

What Causes Insomnia During Pregnancy?

There are several factors caused insomnia during pregnancy.

  1. Hormonal Changes: A surge in estrogen and progesterone hormones during pregnancy can interfere with a woman’s sleep cycle.

  2. Emotional Changes: Pregnancy is an exciting but stressful time that can trigger anxiety, worry, and fear, further disrupting sleep quality.

  3. Physical Discomfort: When the baby grows and matures, the physical changes can make it challenging to find a comfortable sleeping position.

  4. Frequent Urination: During sleep, there is the need to urinate often. It could disrupt sleep patterns.

  5. Deficiencies of Vitamin B (What is Vitamin B complex – Go to the related posts): Vitamin B complex is important aspects of nourishing your growing baby. This helps minimize the risk of birth defect as well as relieve tiredness and running down symptoms.

How to Treat Insomnia when Pregnant?

  • Try to eat foods rich in the B vitamins. Get the Nutritious diet but try to avoid raw and processed foods.
  • Take a warm bath with a soothing oil. Lavender is one of the good options !
  • Doing a yoga or some form of meditation. It will help you to relax and calm down.
  • Do not force yourself to sleep if you are not really tired. Doing something else nonstrenuous like reading books, puzzling, and drawing. Take the TV and smart phones away during this time.
  • Avoid stimulants. Do not to take Caffeine and any alcoholic beverages during pregnancy.
  • Avoid heavy meals before bedtime. Eat enough food during day time. Before 2 hours going to bed, try to eat small meals.

Here is the recommendation for you.

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