Lab Testing

  • Here at Bodycrafters®, our Naturopathic Doctors are able to dive deeper into your health concerns by conducting Assessment Panels to better understand underlying health issues. After a complete consultation with one of our doctors, a collection of information and samples from you (depending on the type of testing) we use LifeLabs® to complete a thorough analysis of your results. These results allow our doctors to prescribe a safe and customised treatment plan to improve your health to help you feel great again.
  • Some tests we conduct (but not limited to) :
    1. Hormone health
    2. Food Sensitivity
    3. Cortisol Levels
    4. Digestion
    5. Female related health concerns
    6. Male related health concerns

And more……….

All clients get FREE BMI test report after booking

New Clients get FREE Consultation Session for their Diets