Want to become a certified personal trainer?

Call us so we can give you all the details you need to determine if a certification from the ISSA, ACE OR ACSM is right for you.

We can help you prepare for the exams for all the three major certifications but for those who are mostly fitness oriented, we recommend ISSA.

Five reasons why an ISSA certification will help you build a rewarding career

  1. ISSA’s Personal Trainer Certification is focused on exactly what you need to excel as a trainer.

  2. Leading gyms report that ISSA trainers are well-prepared and ready to help others succeed.

  3. 95% of our students find a job within 6 months of passing the exam.

  4. You get unlimited support from our Master Trainers before and after you pass your exam. Have questions about the course material or need help planning a workout? We’ve got you covered.

  5. ISSA is a trusted company with over 30 years of experience, and over 400,000 graduates in 174 countries.

How to get your Personal Trainer Certification:

  1. Sign Up (Call, email us or ISSA Directly)
  2. Start Studying (Online or we can send you a physical copy)
  3. Practice with Quizzes ( Online)
  4. Take the Final Exam (Online at your own pace)
  5. ISSA will mail your original certification to your address or to us if we sign you up

Does BodyCrafters Issue the ISSA, ACE or ACSM Certifications?

Absolutely Not. We can only support you during the entire six months of your enrollment with ISSA or any other approved school you choose to enroll in. 

BodyCrafters only provides educational support by certified fitness professionals so you can learn the ins and out the client interviews, assessment and medical history, completing legal forms and how to work and communicate with other health and fitness professionals.

Three days a week (business hours 11am-6pm) Any questions and training can be booked by phone, email or online.

Five reasons we want you to succeed:

  1. So you can get licensed, insured and legally be able to practice.
  2. So you can join our team, get referral from us and help our clients and customers to choose a right lifestyle choices
  3. With your knowledge and understanding of anatomy and terminologies, we can easier communicate nutritional/exercise changes that needs to be made
  4. In return our business benefits by helping your clients and providing them with our supplemental products / services.
  5. Because a positive review from a trusted health or fitness professional within a clients’ community is a far more effective way to establish trust

Please note that attaining your first aid certification is a MUST (if you don’t already have a valid one).  

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