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A source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health, a source of methionine, an essential amino acid for the maintenance of good health, and a source of glycine, a non-essential amino acid involved in protein synthesis. Amino D-Tox™ is useful for preparing the liver for phase II detoxification. It does not contain botanicals, minerals, or B vitamins that would also upregulate phase I detoxification, which may result in intermediate metabolites that could cause sensitivity reactions.

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Amino-D-Tox™ is a synergistic formulation designed to safely prepare the liver for phase II detoxification. All of us live in an ever-increasing toxic environment. This body burden from environmental toxicants, including pesticides, herbicides, chemical solvents, xenobiotics, and industrial chemicals of all types come to us through our food, water, air supply, and via transgenerational inheritance by alteration of the epigenome.10 Internal toxins from our own metabolism add to this burden, as do toxins from our intestinal tract, particularly when imbalances in intestinal microbial ecology exist. This increased toxic load puts a tremendous burden on the liver to detoxify and render harmless these chemicals, which have the potential to produce excessive oxidative stress in the body, leading over time to chronic disease. The end result: fatigue, lethargy, headaches, multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), skin disorders, chronic fatigue, neuromuscular problems and more. Amino-D-Tox™ was designed to biochemically up-regulate phase II detoxification. It is free of herbals, minerals and B vitamins which would also up-regulate phase I detoxification.
Amino-D-Tox™ supports phase 2 detoxification so that the important physiological function of
detoxification/biotransformation can occur more optimally. This is particularly relevant for patients
with chemical sensitivity, who should consider Amino-D-Tox™ to help up-regulate these pathways
before implementing a more comprehensive detoxification protocol.
Phase 2 detoxification requires amino acids, sulfur (sulfur containing amino acids) and glutathione.
Methionine, cysteine, and taurine are the three most common sulfur-containing amino acids. MSM
provides sulfur as does glutathione (made up of 3 joining amino acids).
NAC is the most stable nutritional supplement form of the amino acid L-cysteine
NAC has been shown in research to help protect the liver from damaging effects of alcohol and protect the liver from acetaminophen poisoning. Alcohol combined with acetaminophen is synergistically more toxic. Again, supplementation of NAC (N-acetyl L-cysteine) may help prevent this toxicity by preventing acetaldehyde build-up. NAC may prevent death of liver cells from acetaminophen poisoning by raising glutathione levels and preventing severe oxidative damage.

NAC is effective in the detoxification of heavy metals, free radicals, and other xenobiotics in the
body.2,5,8,9 A common source of heavy metal toxicity is mercury from amalgam fillings in the teeth.
Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared in 1989 that dental amalgams are a
hazardous substance under the Superfund law, many people still have amalgams in their mouths.
L-Cysteine has a high affinity for mercury and can aid in the removal of mercury leached from mercury-based tooth filings. Methionine has been shown to protect mitochondria and liver cells from
methylmercury damage.
NAC can also be used to bind to copper, lead and cadmium.2 Lead and cadmium are particularly
toxic to the human body, and even though lead is no longer used in plumbing or paints, and cadmium in toys or paints, there are still many sources of these two heavy metals available that can lead to human toxification. This direct involvement in heavy metal detoxification is a very useful property
of this amino acid.

Calcium-D-Glucarate is a potent beta-glucuronidase inhibitor. Elevated b-glucuronidase activity is
associated with an increased risk for various cancers, particularly hormone-dependent cancers such
as breast and prostate cancer. When Calcium-D-Glucarate is metabolized through the glucuronic
acid pathway, one of the end-products is D-glucaro-l,4-lactone. D-glucaro-l,4-lactone increases
detoxification of carcinogens and tumor promoters by inhibiting b-glucuronidase and preventing
the hydrolysis of their glucuronides.11,14 These oxidized pollutants can be more toxic and harmful
than the original substance. The phase II conjugating pathways must be prepared to deal with phase
I metabolites before these pathways are stimulated. For enhancing the liver’s ability to detoxify
chemicals, this product should be used before any other powdered or encapsulated detoxification
formula until all conjugating pathways are working optimally.

• Encapsulated formula for support of liver function
• Perfect for those who may need added cleansing support in addition to VegeCleanse™
• Ideal for patients who prefer not to use functional powders
• Convenient for travel and for taking to work for mid-day dosing
• Supports phase 2 without up-regulating phase 1 for imbalanced or pathological detoxifiers

Recommended Dose: Adults: Take 6 capsules per day with meals, or as directed by your health care practitioner. Avoid taking at bed time.

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