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Anbarnesa, with its unique origins and multifaceted benefits, offers a natural approach to health and well-being

Anbarnesa has been a staple in traditional medicine for years, renowned for its effectiveness in treating infectious diseases. The smoke of Anbarnesa is highly recommended for disinfecting household items and environments, especially as a preventive measure against COVID-19. It is used for treating moist respiratory infections, migraine headaches, skin infections, and anxiety.

It has a beautiful name with unexpected benefits! Despite its humble origin, Anbarnesa, derived from donkey dung, proves to be a valuable resource. As donkeys consume diverse plants, their digestive system enhances the therapeutic effects of these plants. Consequently, the smoke from Anbarnesa carries numerous benefits.

  1. Burning Anbarnesa in enclosed spaces, akin to incense, has powerful antimicrobial properties. Periodic use, especially during colder seasons, significantly reduces the occurrence of diseases like the common cold. This practice is particularly beneficial if a family member has a cold, helping to minimize the viral load in the living space.
  2. Inhaling the smoke of Anbarnesa is a suitable method for treating chronic and acute sinusitis as well as colds. This method is also effective in treating long-standing headaches. To achieve this, place Anbarnesa in an incense burner over a low flame and inhale the rising smoke.

Origin: Iran



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