Candy Yumy Bear Gummies Fit Peach 50g x 12 (box)


Feeling Peachy? These tasty little bears will perk up your mood with their delightful fruity flavour. We keep it fresh and juicy – like a peach! The flavour you love with only 3 grams of sugar, our Yumy Bear is quite literally, ‘Sweet By Nature’.

  • Vegan
  • High fiber, Low sugar
  • Made in British Columbia

Barcode: 10055843200039





We fight against mainstream high sugar candy to provide a better option to traditional candy. Each serving of Yumy Bear contains only 3 grams of sugar!


Our vegan formula is high-fibre and low sugar so you can snack with confidence. We use plant-based ingredients, never any gelatin, ensuring everyone can enjoy a bit of sweetness in their life.


Health shouldn’t be bland or boring. Balance is essential in all aspects of life and so should it be with candy! Continue to enjoy the delicious candy you love with Yumy Bear!



Yumy Bear

Hear from Yumy Bear's Team:

We are a team of passionate, candy-loving people who want to bring a low-sugar option to mainstream candy. Our candy is 100% vegan. Every pack of Yumy Bear contributes to supporting local community initiatives, charities and animal rescue centre Our low sugar, plant-based, naturally sweetened candy is the delicious choice for everyone wanting to enjoy a bit of sweetness in their life! Yumy Bear is proud to be a Vancouver-based, women-owned company.