Chili Powder 100g Herbs Attari


Capsicum annuum:

Crafted from premium chili peppers, our Chili Powder adds a bold kick to your dishes. Versatile and fiery, it elevates chili, stews, sauces, and meats. Packed with potential health benefits, our carefully sourced and expertly processed Chili Powder is your secret to spicing up any culinary creation.

Product Description: Chili Powder

Key Ingredients: Our Chili Powder is a carefully crafted blend of premium chili peppers, ensuring a bold and spicy flavor to ignite your taste buds.

Usage Instructions: Add a fiery kick to your favorite dishes with our versatile Chili Powder. Perfect for enhancing the flavor of chili, stews, sauces, and grilled meats.

Health Benefits: Packed with capsaicin, this spice may not only spice up your meals but also offer potential metabolism-boosting and pain-relief benefits.

Safety Information: Produced in a facility adhering to strict quality standards, our Chili Powder is generally safe. Handle with care, and avoid contact with eyes or sensitive skin.

Scientific Support: Research indicates that capsaicin, found in chili peppers, may contribute to various health benefits, including pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.

Origin: USA

Quality and Sourcing: Our commitment to quality ensures you receive a top-notch product. Responsibly sourced, expertly processed, and packaged to preserve freshness, our Chili Powder is the perfect way to spice up your culinary creations.



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