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Complete Mineral Complex is ideal for use when mineral replenishment is desired. This product is iron-free and utilizes the finest chelated minerals from Albion Advanced Nutrition for optimal absorption.

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Complete Mineral Complex is an iron-free formula containing superior forms of minerals for optimal
absorption and utilization. This product is ideal as a daily maintenance supplement to help support
proper mineral status. It can also be used as a targeted mineral replenishment in cases of known
deficiencies, or following medical treatments that may deplete mineral status, such as heavy metal
chelation therapy. Minerals act as enzyme cofactors in biochemical reactions and physiological processes throughout the body. Whether it is the magnesium, chromium and vanadium required for proper glucoregulation and carbohydrate metabolism; the copper, zinc and manganese cofactors for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase; the boron, potassium and calcium for bone health;
iodine and selenium for the production of thyroid hormones; or molybdenum’s role in hepatic
detoxification reactions, there is virtually no body system that functions optimally without an
adequate supply of essential minerals.

Apart from chelation therapy, mineral insufficiency or depletion may result from a poor diet,
improperly formulated vegetarian or vegan diets, high net acid load diets, certain medications, poor
digestive function, and chronic stress. Moreover, factors of modern food production and processing
techniques, such as soil nutrient depletion and the removal of ruminant animals from pasture
(replaced by grain-based feed) may mean that even among individuals consuming whole,
unprocessed foods, total mineral intake may be lower than is optimal, and mineral status may be
even further compromised in those who struggle to follow a wholesome diet. Additionally, the
refinement of processed foods coupled with the unrelenting stress of modern life may mean that
many individuals’ need for minerals is increased, while these nutrients are in shorter supply.
Complete Mineral Complex, featuring highly bioavailable minerals, may be a simple and easy
intervention for improving mineral status.
Calcium and Magnesium: Since magnesium is more difficult to obtain in the daily diet, and
magnesium deficiencies are fairly common, a 1:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium was chosen for this
formula, unlike many commercially available supplements in which the balance is skewed heavily
toward calcium.
Chromium: Why chromium nicotinate, and not picolinate? Mineral picolinates are rapidly
absorbed, but may have an increased urinary excretion as well as reducing endogenous stores, as
has been demonstrated for zinc. Moreover, researchers have raised questions about the safety of
chromium picolinate after rat studies revealed that this form of the mineral may cause oxidative
damage to lipids and DNA. According to one study, “chromium picolinate has been shown to be
mutagenic and picolinic acid moiety appears to be responsible as studies show that picolinic acid
alone is clastogenic. Niacin-bound chromium (III) has been demonstrated to be more bioavailable
and efficacious and no toxicity has been reported.”
Albion chelated minerals are designed to bypass obstacles to absorption and assimilation, such as
food phytates, oxalates, fiber, ionic minerals or even medications that interfere with mineral
absorption.5 They are extremely well tolerated and should not cause GI or bowel distress. Mineral
salts, such as calcium citrate, split apart in the gut (because they aren’t fully reacted like a true
chelate). This leaves the calcium, or other loosely bound minerals, in their ionic state. When Albion
amino acid chelates (AAC) were compared against mineral salts, 1-5 times as much AAC was found
in body tissue (mg metal per kg body tissue).
Recommended Dose: Adults: Take 3 capsules once per day. Take a few hours before or
after taking other medications. Take with food.

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