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L-Glutathione 60 Capsules Ortho Molecular Products


Glutathione is the master antioxidant in the body and is heavily concentrated in tissues such as the liver, spleen and heart. It plays a crucial role in helping to protect cells against oxidative damage caused by free radicals. The L-Glutathione formulation is preformed, reduced glutathione (GSH) and provides a 250 mg dose in a one-capsule serving.

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Clinical Applications

  • Source of an antioxidant (L-Glutathione) that helps protect cells against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals

Modern lifestyle habits may include poor dietary choices, lack of sleep, abundance of stress, exposure to chemicals, and even extremes with exercise. Existing in this type of an environment long term can lead to many unfavorable physiologic changes. Our bodies were designed to handle this stress and preserve our cell function; however, when the burden increases, those naturally built in systems can often fail to keep up with demand. One of the physiological changes seen is the tempering of the body’s most powerful antioxidant: reduced glutathione.

Recommended Dose:
Adults 18 and over: 1 capsule of L-Glutathione per day or ask your health care professional.


Glutathione is a source of an antioxidant that helps protect cells against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

Glutathione for Antioxidant Support
Glutathione has been termed the master antioxidant because of its ability to quench free radicals and protect cells from damage, but it has always been thought that humans were unable to utilize preformed glutathione to address some of the concerns until recently. Setria®, a unique tri-peptide form of glutathione, has a molecular structure that effectively increases glutathione blood levels when taken orally.1 It is the only supplemental glutathione
backed by a recently published human clinical trial that shows significant uptake of this critical nutrient.1 Cellular Protection Supplementing with oral glutathione under conditions in which intracellular glutathione status is compromised can restore tissue glutathione and promote ROS metabolism, according to a 2017 study published in the World Journal of
Gastroenterology.2 The most commonly discussed role of glutathione is in the protection of the mitochondria from free radical damage during the process of ATP production. Glutathione is the master antioxidant to quench the reacted oxygen species produced as byproducts allowing ATP production to happen without the damaging impact that can happen in an environment lacking adequate antioxidant capacity.

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All Ortho Molecular Products are evidence-based. The most reliable evidence comes in the form of well-controlled human clinical trials, in populations demographically similar to our doctors’ patients, published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. This is the standard we are aiming for when we consider which ingredients to include in our formulas. However, we also honor the historical data of thousands of years of traditional use, as well as the direct observations of health care practitioners in clinical practice.

Raw Material Superiority

Equally important as which ingredients to include is which forms of ingredients to choose. After all, there can be tremendous variation in two ingredients both called CoQ10. At Ortho Molecular Products, we hold ourselves to a standard of raw material quality seldom seen in the supplement industry, and it starts with asking the right questions. For example, when evaluating a raw material, most companies’ first question is: How much does it cost? We ask: Does the ingredient match the specifications used in clinical studies? Is it bioavailable? Has it been tested for safety? What is its country of origin? Was it manufactured in a controlled facility? Simply stated, we do not use inferior raw materials. Ever.

Therapeutic Potency

Of course, even if you have chosen evidence-based ingredients and provided them in a superior form, the formula will not work if the dosages are too small. That’s why Ortho Molecular Products always include the right therapeutic dosing of each ingredient, based on established research. This approach is what separates good supplements from great supplements — formulas that truly help your patients get better faster. It is what drives efficacy and the reason we always formulate to the power of e.
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