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Not every athlete is one of the greats. But you? You are. To keep you on your throne, DIM helps you develop a healthy estrogen metabolism. Hit the gym knowing your bad estrogen is low, good estrogen high, and testosterone just right. If you’re prepping for a fitness competition or simply aiming for the top, this is the right fuel for you.


With proper hormonal support, you can reach, surpass, and conquer your goals with ease. DIM, a compound created from the phytonutrients found in cruciferous vegetables helps you be the best version of you. It all starts with the right hormonal balance.


It’s safe to say that you compete in a league of your own. And as a first-class athlete, perfection is the only option. With a whopping 200 mg of DIM per capsule, we’ve got exactly what you need. A high level of potency for a high-level athlete.


Your willpower is unrivaled. When you want something, you get it. With 90 full servings of DIM, you can reach your goals faster and smarter than the rest. Think optimal testosterone, estrogen, and power. So sleep well – you’ll always be the reigning champion.
Everything you see on our label is everything you get. We don’t hide behind terms like ‘proprietary blend’. Why? Because we don’t have anything to hide. No fillers – only high-grade formulas and real ingredients free of cheap fillers.
With an industry-leading concentrate of 200 mg of DIM per capsule, MEGA-DIM is both potent and effective. One capsule per day is the recommended dose; take anytime in the day. 



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