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Essential Omegas? – For Your Brain, Heart, Skin, Vascular System, Prostate, Breast, and more…

  • Did you know that it takes more than Fish Oil or Flaxseed Oil to combat the essential fatty acid imbalance created by modern-day farming and food processing practices?
  • Did you know that your brain needs essential fatty acids for optimal function and to prevent steps linked to memory decline in the aging process?
  • Did you know essentials fatty acids support vascular health by improving blood flow and decreasing the stickiness of your blood?
  • Did you know that your skin requires the right essential fatty acids to enhance softness and smoothness?
  • Did you know that essential fatty acids have been shown to exert important effects on prostate and breast health?
  • Did you know that the right essential fatty acids make anti-inflammatory substances in the body that help suppress joint and muscle inflammation?
  • Did you know that Nature’s Essential Oils is the perfect essential fatty acid supplement to help support all of these functions?

Here’s Why:

Nature’s Essential Oils contains the three most important essential oils, all in one capsule:

  • High-Yield Fish Oil (50% EPA/DHA content)
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Borage Seed Oil

Fish Oil – contains two omega-3 fats (EPA and DHA) that slow down the rate of cell division (reducing the risk of some serious health conditions), improve blood flow and reduce blood stickiness – decreasing the risk of heart and vascular problems, help reduce the production of inflammatory chemicals in the body, improve skin softness, texture and appearance, and support brain development in children and support brain function and structure in adults.

Flaxseed Oil – contains an omega-3 fat (ALA) that the body can slowly convert to the kind of omega-3 fats found in fish. However, on its own, the omega-3 fat from flaxseed oil blocks the ability of certain omega-6 fats to form hormones that constrict blood vessels and increase blood stickiness associated with heart and vascular problems and help block the production of inflammatory chemicals in the body. This is why taking flaxseed with fish oil is your best omega-3 strategy.

Borage Seed Oil – contains a unique form of omega-6 fat that helps block the production of the build-up of very inflammatory chemicals and other more dangerous. It also contains the unique omega-6 fat (GLA) that improves skin texture and has been used in cases of eczema.

Your Foundation Supplement Program Starts With:

  • Adeeva’s Multiple Vitamin and Mineral (high potency multiple vitamins a & mineral)
  • Adeeva’s Nature’s Essential Oils

These two Adeeva supplements are the starting point to ensure you are covering all bases regarding vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and the essential fatty acids your body requires to support your:

  • Brain
  • Joints
  • Heart and Vascular System
  • Skin, and to
  • Slow aging and reduce the risk of other serious health conditions

Don’t miss this important step or take an inferior essential fatty acid supplement. The 3-in-1 mixture contained in Nature’s Essential Oils is the best way to provide your body with the essential fats it needs to support health and help reduce risk or better manage a number of degenerative conditions.



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