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North Coast Naturals Organic Sprouted Raw Brown Rice Protein makes choosing a hypoallergenic and plant-based protein powder an easy decision. Even with food allergies or sensitivities, you can be sure to get the vital proteins your body needs for optimum nutrition. This 100% sprouted organic protein powder undergoes gentle low-temperature enzyme extraction to preserve its raw protein quality. Sprouted brown rice protein is nutritionally superior and more easily digestible. Add to shakes and smoothies for a protein boost. Rice protein is considered to be the most hypoallergenic vegan protein powder and is naturally gluten-free, making it very well suited to individuals with multiple food allergies/sensitivities. Sprouted brown rice protein is a nutritionally superior protein option compared to non-sprouted rice. Studies suggest that sprouting increases the nutrient content while improving the amino acid profile. Unlike soy protein, rice protein has low levels of anti-nutritional factors (enzyme inhibitors), which is one of the key reasons that rice protein is a more digestible choice than soy protein. With 17 g of protein per serving, our rice protein will help even the most sensitive of individuals meet their protein needs. And our unique silky-smooth texture makes it more enjoyable.

  • 100% PURE RICE | Nothing but 100% certified organic, non-GMO sprouted brown rice protein with no added flavours, sweeteners, or colours of any kind. It is naturally sugar-free, low in fat and sodium-free.
  • 100% VEGAN | An excellent source of plant-based protein.
  • 17 G OF COMPLETE UNDENATURED PROTEIN | Supplies all the essential & branched-chain amino acids and undergoes gentle enzyme extraction to preserve raw protein quality.
  • EASILY DIGESTED | Considered to be the most hypoallergenic protein while also being gluten-free.
  • MIXES SILKY SMOOTH | None of the usual grittiness common with many rice proteins.


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