Urine Element Analysis $129 – $319

Both toxic and essential elements affect health.

Urine Elements ($129)
– Toxic 17 Toxic Elements

Urine Elements – Complete Toxic ($259)
Pre and Post Provocation

Urine Elements – Essential plus Toxic ($159)
39 Elements

Urine Elements – Complete Essential plus Toxic ($319)
Pre and Post Provocation

Rocky Mountain Analytical tests are available through regulated Healthcare Professionals.

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Urine element analysis is a simple and inexpensive way to measure levels of essential and toxic elements. The presence of toxic elements has been linked to:

  • neurological problems
  • memory impairment
  • learning difficulties
  • gastrointestinal problems

Why Get Urine Element Analysis?

A small sample of urine can be used to look for essential element deficiencies and for the presence of toxic elements. Many practitioners use a chelating agent to release toxic metals from hidden places in tissue so they can be eliminated in urine.


Testing is EASY

  • Testing Kits available at our Naturopathic clinic
  • Blood Draw offered by our Naturopath in-charge



Rocky Mountain Analytical

Who is Rocky Mountain Analytical? Dr. George Gillson started Rocky Mountain Analytical in 2002 with an eye to delivering top quality diagnostic testing.   Dr. Gillson is a licensed physician and holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry. We perform urine and hair element analysis, Food Sensitivity testing and saliva hormone testing in our accredited Calgary laboratory, and have  partnered with some excellent laboratories to offer additional test items such as: urinary thyroid analysis and conventional laboratory testing. Our commitment to quality is evident from our assay technique and our comprehensive application of patient specific information. The symptom and hormone information provided by patients allows us to make interpretations that link hormone levels to the clinical history. Through our commitment to innovation, quality, and outstanding service, we are continually advancing the science of wellness.
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