Whole Hop Flowers 100g Herbs Attari


Humulus lupulus:


Explore the potential relaxation and well-being benefits of Whole Hop Flowers. Elevate your tea experience with these premium blooms known for their distinctive aroma and potential health-supporting properties.

Product Description: Whole Hop Flowers

Key Ingredients: Our Whole Hop Flowers are carefully selected and preserved, providing premium-quality blooms that encompass various compounds like alpha acids and essential oils, contributing to their distinct aroma and potential benefits.

Health Benefits: Hop Flowers are esteemed for their potential health advantages. They contain compounds that may offer relaxation, aid in sleep, and have antioxidant properties beneficial for overall well-being.

Usage Instructions: To release the aromatic essence of Hop Flowers, steep approximately 1-2 teaspoons in hot water for 5-7 minutes. Adjust steeping time for desired strength. Strain and savor the soothing tea. Consult a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.

Safety Information: While generally safe, individuals with specific health conditions or those on medications should consult a healthcare provider before regularly consuming Whole Hop Flowers. Pregnant or nursing women should seek professional advice beforehand.

Scientific Support: Scientific studies highlight the potential benefits of Hop Flowers, suggesting their possible effects on relaxation, sleep aid, and antioxidant properties, although more research may be needed.

Origin: Iran

Quality and Sourcing: We prioritize sourcing high-quality Whole Hop Flowers that undergo rigorous testing to ensure freshness, purity, and the preservation of their natural properties.



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