Xi Xin 細辛 Herba Asari

English Name: Asarum, Chinese wild ginger
Property: pungent, warm, slightly toxic
Channel: LU, HT, KI
Part used: whole plant
Dosage: 1-3g (0.5-1g in powder)


1. Dispels wind, disperses cold, relieves pain: pain due to wind-cold (headache, Bizheng, abdominal pain, toothache)
2. Dispels wind-cold from the exterior: exterior wind-cold syndrome with headache, body ache
3. Warms the LU, transforms phlegm: cold, phlegm in the Lung
4. Opens orifices: nasal obstruction, loss of consciousness

Contraindications: Febrile disorder, yin deficiency, yang excess, cough due to yin deficiency,                                                                                                                              headache due to blood deficiency, wind-heat, sweating from qi deficiency.
Long-term use may cause Liver cancer.



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