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MCTs are naturally found in coconut oil, but coconut oil only contains 15% of the purest MCTs (C8 and C10). By contrast, our 100% Pure North Coast Naturals MCT Oil is 100% C8 and C10, the purest MCTs. That’s six times more than coconut oil. Many regard C8 and C10 as the “true MCTs.” The smaller triglyceride molecules C8 and C10 are a more efficient energy source than the longer C12 triglyceride, making them more “keto friendly.” If you’re looking to go on a reduced-sugar or low-carbohydrate diet (such as a keto diet), pure MCT oil is a preferred fuel source. Our 100% pure MCT oil should not be used for frying, 100% pure MCT oil becomes unstable and smokes at just under 200 °F (93 °C). Just add MCT oil to your shakes, smoothies, or incorporate it into your salad dressing or dip. Due to our MCT oil’s high purity level, for the first few days start off using a single teaspoon once or twice a day before going up to a full tablespoon and always take it with food.

  • 100% PURE MCTS (MEDIUM-CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES) | MCT oil sourced from only 100% non-GMO coconut oil. We import our isolated MCT oil directly from non-GMO protected farms in the Philippines and Malaysia, bottle and test in-house.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE BRAIN & MUSCLE FUEL | MCTs are rapidly broken down and absorbed, then transported into the mitochondria to be readily used as fuel. Unlike regular fats, MCTs bypass the liver, making them a faster energy source.
  • 3 TIMES MORE MCTS THAN REGULAR COCONUT OIL | North Coast Naturals MCT Oil provides the preferred 70:30 ratio of C-8 and C-10 triglycerides, over 6x more than regular coconut oil.
  • KETO, LOW-CARB & PALEO DIET PERFECT | The smaller triglyceride molecules C8 and C10 provide you with a more efficient energy source than the longer C12 triglyceride – making them ideal for reduced-sugar or reduced-carbohydrate diets.
  • EASY TO USE | Just add MCT oil to your shake, smoothie, salad dressing or dip. No complicated steps needed to enhance your energy.


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