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Prenatal Pro™ provides optimal supplementation for pregnant women, lactating women, and women wishing to become pregnant. This prenatal multivitamin contains active isomer naturally-occurring folates in place of synthetic folic acid; also it contains Ferrochel chelated iron, which is the most bioavailable on the market and non-constipating. The minerals chosen for Prenatal Pro™ are true chelates, which provide superior absorption compared to those found in standard prenatal vitamins.

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Prenatal Pro™ is a four-a-day multivitamin/multimineral designed to provide a broad foundation of
nutrients to augment and complement an average diet. Its formulation was guided by established
Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) and Adequate Intakes (AIs), average nutrient consumptions and common insuciencies in typical Western diets, and intensive support for a healthy pregnancy and optimal fetal development.
Prenatal Pro™ is unique as it contains a blend of gamma and delta-tocotrienols, which are more
potent antioxidants than alpha-tocopherol and have unique health benefits. (See the tech sheet for
Annatto-E™ for details.) It also includes a bioidentical form of folate with superior bioavailability
compared to folic acid, which may mitigate eects of common genetic polymorphisms on increased
risk of birth defects.
The optimal intake of vitamins and minerals for pregnant women or women trying to conceive is a
topic of ongoing research. This includes evaluation of the diet that humans evolved on for millions
of years1-4, as well as research that proposes to redefine the minimum levels of nutrients that support healthy DNA replication (also referred to as genomic stability). This is relevant to pregnant
women’s health and to fetal development.5-8 The newly proposed Australian RDA for folate (700
mcg) is higher than the US RDA (600 mcg dietary folate equivalents) but similar to the estimated
average evolutionary intake of dietary folate of 736 mcg.
In addition, beyond nutrient intakes recommended for broad swaths of general populations, it is
sensible to take into account clinical status, age, and genetics when estimating required nutrient
intakes. For example, as one study points out, polymorphisms related to the folate/homocysteine
pathway may contribute to increased risk for a number of pregnancy-related pathologies.9 The
levels of vitamins B2, B6, B12 and folate found in Prenatal Pro™ are adequate for maintaining healthy
homocysteine (Hcy) levels for a large section of the population but not for those with single nucleotide polymorphisms in particular Hcy metabolic pathways and/or folate receptor activity.10-12


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